Salobre 4 rds (2x Old, 2x New)

Salobre 4 rds (2x Old, 2x New) € 362

Enjoy the Salobre golf complex with 2 fantastic courses, Salobre New and Salobre Old. Book a 4 Round Pack today. (2 rounds at Salobre New and 2 rounds at Salobre Old).

Anfi Tauro 3 RDS Package

Anfi Tauro 3 RDS Package € 310

Anfi Tauro is an impeccably well maintained 18-hole PGA Championship golf course is visually stunning with fantastic views to the mountains, sea and the course itself. The numerable tees on the course will speed up ...

Salobre North & South

Salobre North & South € 190

Salobre golf complex boasts two impressive golf courses offering golfers of all abilities a fantastic experience and are a real alternative to their neighboring courses. Book a 2 Round Pack today. (1 round at Salobre ...